ExtizeMe is here for download

Again, what is ExtizeMe

ExtizeMe, is a WordPress theme written mostly in JavaScript. Layout, behavior, and look&feel are made with Ext Js Library (https://www.sencha.com/). What makes ExtizeMe there different from other themes is:

  • Accordion sidebar;
  • Tab browsing;
  • Post zooming;
  • Live search;
  • Picture preview;
  • ExtJs skins;

ExtizeMe in action

ExtizeMe Bookmarklet

You can find ExtizeMe bookmarklet on the ExtizeMe options page. Add the bookmarklet to your favorites and execute it while browsing a WordPress powered page. In theory, it should extify the site. Take a look on below screencast.

Ext JS 4 in WordPress 3.1

ExtizeMe on google code

I would describe current stage of ExtizeMe as experimental. I am releasing it because, as a father of two and full-time employee, I feel I am not able to finish it in predictable time. It is a pity. This is the link to ExtizeMe project home at google: http://code.google.com/p/extizeme/.

If there is someone out there who can be spent his/her time improving the ExtizeMe, please let me know.