ExtJS Examples for Beginners and Programmers

ExtJS is nothing but extended javascript. Ext js is a product of Sencha developed in 2007. The recent update of ext js version 6.0 released on 2016. The ext js is a JavaScript framework based on Yahoo user interface which runs on desktop application development platform. Ext js uses the technologies like Ajax, DHTML and DOM scripting. So here we provide some ext js examples for beginners to start to learn ext JavaScript. Most of the online websites provide the opportunity to learn the ext Js for free of cost. You can host your ExtJs WordPress site on LiquidWeb Hosting because they have many developers features. Here we will learn about ExtJs Examples for Beginners.

We provide a lot of EXTJS Examples for Beginners

The Extjs examples for beginners are available on websites; anyone can access these facilities to learn ext java scripting. The students or learners who interested to learn ext js must have knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript coding. Also, they need to have basic ideas about OOPs concepts and web application development.

Tools Need for Beginners to Learn EXT JS

The tools were necessary for developing ext js application details provided here. They are such as sencha cmd, sencha IDE plug-in, and Sencha inspector. Ext js supports the browser versions like IE 6 and above, firebox 3.6, Chrome 10 and Opera 11. So you should have any one of the browsers to run the ext js application on your desktop.

Tips for EXT JS Beginners

It is recommended for every ext js beginners to start from the basic concepts. It will help you to admire strong knowledge on the JavaScript platform. Very few coders are successful in real time most of them not able to sustain with the knowledge they have on the domain. It happens due to lack of knowledge or use of the field. Some fail to update it with recent technologies use on the particular area or field. So as an ext js beginner you should overcome these factors to become a good developer in future. Here you will learn more here about ExtJs.

Use Online Materials for Learning

Now the technology has developed and used mostly in every field. Using of technology also rapidly increased in recent times. So you can also use the online facilities to learn the ext js from online websites or online courses. Very few people were only aware of the online tutorials in websites. Most of them using the traditional method by joining any institution which offers the ext js course. Some of them can’t be able to join because of budget constraint. So online learning process will help them to learn ext js with minimum cost and maximum benefits. As you being an online learner can ask doubt any time, and you can meet some experts to know more details about the software codes. It may also lead you to get the job from reputed organization by showcasing your skills on an online platform.


It is important to utilize the skills which we have acquired. Also, try to use the knowledge to developing new products and new ideas for the business or growth of your personal life. Here we provide all the information’s about ext js you can get it by visiting our page regularly.

ExtJS Vs AngularJS – The Real Difference For Beginners

What is Ext js?

Ext js is JavaScript application for developing the interactive web application. Google and other corporate maintain it. This prepared by Sencha in 2007. This is designed for both desktop and mobile application with Yahoo user interface.

Learn more about ExtJS Vs AngularJS

What is Angular js?

Angular js structural framework for developing the dynamic web pages. It is also JavaScript based on the open source web application framework which is mainly maintained by Google and individuals and some other corporate for developing single page applications.

Extjs vs Angularjs

Ext js and angular js both are frameworks to develop the rich user interface in industries. Both ext js and angular js have powerful features. Manufacturers mostly prefer Sencha Ext js for developing the rich user interface. Because it uses plug-in-free charting, advanced model view controller architecture and modern widgets. Ext js is one stop shop for a rich user interface. Meantime angular js used among the web developers where it provides the opportunity of two-way data binding, an ability to create quick custom templates.

Few similarities also there if we take ext js vs. angular js like both suitable for single page applications and cross browser compatibility is also one of the similarities between these two.

When to use ext js and angular js?

Use of ext js

  • It is the time saver if you want to use components delivered with ext js.
  • Need not worry about cross compatibility when programming and development.
  • If you have paid service, the commercial license is affordable.
  • Separate desktop and mobile applications valuable.

Use of angular js

  • Small footprint required.
  • The responsive design needed for an application.
  • It is cheaper to integrate existing 3rd party components for free.
  • You should feel comfortable with CSS to solve the cross-compatibility issues.
  • Architectural difference of ext js vs. angular js

Ext js

  • Ext js component based like grid, tree, forms, and charts. It also follows OOPs concept and MVC pattern.

Angular js

  • Angular js is declarative programming adding with HTML and others.

Application design

Ext js supports both MVC and MVVM frameworks. It is also component-based modular. Angular js is HTML enhanced web applications. It is module based and supports MVM or MVVM.

DOM approach

Ext js follows depth first bottom-up approach and angular js support depth first, bottom up for DOM tree. And controllers liked with a top-down approach.

Deferred bootstrap

Ext js supports several thirty party testing frameworks like the siesta, jasmine, and mocha. Angular js supports new chrome extension bat rang.

Mobile solutions

Sencha touch is high and leading HTML5 framework for developing mobile web apps. Phone gap is to develop cross-platform applications. Angular js can also develop the cross-platform applications with a trigger.io, Cordova, and Ionic framework.

Final words

Here the differences of ext js vs. angular js are discussed. Apart from this differences and similarities, some other factors are available on the website. Ext js and angular js are the most used web developing application software’s around the world among industries and individual corporations as well.

EXT JS Tutorial Step By Step Guide For Beginners and Programmers

What Is Ext Js?

Extended JavaScript called as ext js developed by Sencha in 2007 based on Yahoo user interface. It supports only latest web browsers like IE 6, FF, Chrome, Opera 12 and Safari 6. From now it has released updated version from 1.1 to 6.1. The last update 6.1 is for the single platform used for both desktop and mobile applications with the same code.

Features, Benefits, and Limitations

  • Code compatibility with the old version.
  • Low cost.
  • Highly readable code.
  • Customizable UI widgets with grids, charts, and trees.
  • Layout manager help to use multiple browsers, devices, etc.

Tools for Ext Js

  • Sencha CMD.
  • Sencha IDE plug-in.
  • Sencha Inspector.

Download Library Files

You can download the trail version of ext js files from the official website of the sencha. Open the files to view the contents and documents associated with library files. It contains the components like data, syntax, layouts, architecture, and font’s style, etc.

Ext Js Tutorial Step By Step

Before going to the ext js step by step tutorials, the first thing you have to make a mind map. It should be framed like some concepts, time for theory concepts, time for practicing codes, total duration, and other details. This will help you to learn ext js tutorials step by step regularly and also you can finish it within the framed time. In online you can able to meet some experts who are working with this software and get some tips from them about the ext js.

Online Ext Js Tutorials

In online tutorials, everything explained from the basics. Also introduction videos available on the website about the course and necessary in modern trends. The students need not spend much money on online for accessing the materials, videos and PDF files. There are some online tutorials available for a premium account; it’s purely paid online service, third party users are not allowed to open it. It contains ext js step by step procedure which makes the learning smoother and easier.

Try Out Online Codes

After finishing the basic concepts, try to execute small programs. For example, you can download the programs from online website and run it on Ext JavaScript. It is not important to write your codes at the beginning. It is one of the best ways to practice EXT tutorials js step by step. When running the codes on JavaScript platform note down the mistakes and functions which you have missed to mention the code. In every programming language “hello world” is the start-up program for beginners.


Ext js tutorial in online is very helpful for the people who is interested in learning. Some of them were working in an organization, and they need to update themselves for achieve the promotions and using the software tools professionally. If you have learned this software, you can try to build some websites and web pages on your own. This is just a hint about ext js, try to find out more from this site to get stronger in ext js.

ExtJS 2.0 2brave theme

While new ExtJS WordPress theme is still in progress, I am releasing a theme for ExtJS 2.0. I call it 2brave (too brave). I am not 100% sure if the colors I have chosen work together. Anyway, it is a kind of alternative to default, gray and slate (beautiful)  themes.

The theme looks a bit odd and this eliminates professional applications, but if you are using this for fun it can work (for a day or two

I have prepared skinned ExtJS samples to have a closer look of the theme, the link is as follows:

You can download the theme from the Downloads section.